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Neil Raden
 Neil Raden is an "industry influencer" – someone who is followed by technology providers, consultants and even other analysts. His deep knowledge of the analytical aspects in information technology is the result of thirty years of intensive work. Neil is the founder of Hired Brains, a research and advisory firm in Santa Barbara, CA, offering research and analysis services to technology providers and venture capitalists as well as providing consulting and implementation services in Business Intelligence and Analytics to many Global 2000 companies.

Neil began his career as a casualty actuary with AIG in New York before moving into software engineering, consulting and industry analysis, with experience in the application of modeling and analytics in fields as diverse as health care to nuclear waste management to cosmetics marketing and many others in between. He is a active consultant, industry analyst, speaker and author. His blog, "Competing on Decisions," can be found at . His articles appear in industry magazines, he is the author of dozens of sponsored white papers for vendors and other organizations, he has contributed to numerous books and is the co-author of "Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions " (Prentice Hall, 2007) with James Taylor.

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